Nitronic Rush

Nitronic Rush 2011.12.25

Pilot a flying car through the strees of a futuristic city


  • Awesome circuit courses
  • Several game modes and circuits
  • Visually stunning


  • Only two car models available to drive


Nitronic Rush is a 3D futuristic racing game that's somewhat reminiscent of the movie Tron.

The universe in which Nitronic Rush is set is futuristic, right down to your race car's ability to fly, if necessary. As such, it has a unique feel all its own compared to more traditional racing games.

The track layout in Nitronic Rush is very much like that of a rollercoaster, defying gravity and sending you on a wild racing ride. Ramps, loops and sections of the track that don't even have a solid road are some of the elements of Nitronic Rush that really make it stand out.

Nitronic Rush's circuits are also full of dangerous obstacles to avoid. Saws ready to cut you into a thousand pieces, walls that suddenly appear in your way, giant fans set to blow you off-course and more are all pitfalls in this game that you'll have to overcome in order to prevail and finish the race.

The cars in Nitronic Rush are also unconventional. Fortunately, there's a comprehensive tutorial that'll teach you how to jump, fly and propel the vehicle forward. Controlling your car can be a little challenging at first until you've memorized the commands.

It's also a shame there are only two car models to choose from. Nitronic Rush has such fantastic and engaging graphics that it would've been nice to get to peruse through a larger collection of cars to choose from.

If you're looking for a unique racing game, give the futuristic Nitronic Rush a try.

Nitronic Rush


Nitronic Rush 2011.12.25

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